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Soooo who do you like more kevin or namjoon ukiss or bts

Ehhh so hard to admit on my ukiss blog but I like Namjoon way more better that how I ever liked Kevin and I also have to admit BTS is more my style that ukiss. The topics they hit in their songs, their style, the MVs, the concepts and everything. Still an ukiss fan but bts jjang

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Are you fangirling in your language about Namjoon on twitter or what? Ahahah

I absolutely am yes hahahah to sum up what I wrote in italian: I AM DYING BECAUSE OF KIM NAMJOON

Jun’s participation in A Song For You

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I think Kiseop finds it cute. I think.

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who's your bae everyone talks about lol

The point is why is everyone talking about my bae lol

just lee kiseop ruining your bias list on a daily basis~

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If U-KISS had Tumblr *


[@kevin_woo1125] Also went to support @realericnam and @esna tonight at the Jeff Bernat concert! Good job guys~~~~ you guys were amazing :) #keric #ericnam #kevin #esna #jeffbernat

eli being super painfully embarrassing to watch enthusiastic as he advertises simply kpop

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Kevin in Tick Tack PV [x]

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HUGE Rubber Duck!!! 러버덕러버덕~ 귀여워 ㅎㅎ かわいい! #rubberduck #quackquack #amidreaming #duckinvasion


Kevin enjoying his hamburger